15 Reasons Why Waffles Trump Pancakes

The Reign Of Waffles

I’m here to tell you that waffles are far superior to pancakes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, pancakes are very delicious. But if the two were ever personified and thrown into a wrestling match, waffles would clearly be the All Star breakfast food.

Growing up just outside of Atlanta, the birthplace of the wonderful yet greasy Waffle House, I’ve always had an exposure to the wonderful fluffiness that waffles embody. There are countless reasons why waffles are better than pancakes!

  1. They are bigger.
  2. Just one waffle is the thickness of about two and half pancakes.
  3. They can be crispy and fluffy at the same time.
  4. Plenty of little pockets to create amazing little syrup ponds.
  5. Those pockets can also hold all your toppings so they aren’t rolling around your plate.
  6. Waffles have a grid on them which makes it super easy to section off correctly proportioned bites.
  7. That also makes it easy to split one to share the love!
  8. Chicken and waffles. The sensation of tangy honey mustard dipped chicken mixed with sweet syrup drowned waffle is one religious proportions.
  9. They’ve been around since the Middle Ages.
  10. Belgium has over a dozen varieties alone. Talk about diversity.
  11. They have beautiful cousins such as waffle fries and the waffle cone.
  12. You can literally put anything into a waffle iron and make something beautiful, opening a door into a land of opportunities.
  13. They’re portable. If you’re ever in a rush, just pop a waffle in the toaster, slap some jelly on it and you’re rolling out the door with the leveled-up toast.
  14. You can get them in taco form thanks to Taco Bell’s breakfast menu.
  15. Even IHOP serves waffles on their menu.

Hopefully now you’ve seen the light and are driving to the nearest Waffle House (which, if you’re from my neck of the woods, is across the street) to confess your sins and make up for all that time you spent lost in the world of pancakes.

By Noah Oakley 
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