Père waffle is the story of two friends. Amjad and Jonas, a French expat in England. Nostalgic about his childhood country’s cuisine Jonas always wanted to recreate and share with his adopted country the flavours of bygone days through an unexpected combination of tastes. It’s during a trip to Paris accompanied by his friend Amjad, passionate about travels and food that Père waffle was born. The two friends then challenge themselves to offer in Southampton both a generous and convivial cuisine just like what they had tasted in France. Père waffle is the perfect mix between French refinement and English uniqueness!

Père waffle is concerned about the impact of its actions and its choices on our beautiful planet and your gustatory pleasure. We are committed to uniting fresh, locally grown produce and select our suppliers with great care. At Père waffle we take pride in caring for our environment and only use recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. All our meat are certified halal.


Père waffle is located in the heart of Southampton. It has been entirely remodelled and designed to create a warm, vibrant and inviting space with an authentic atmosphere. Free wi-fi is available.