Head Chef

“Cooking is a creation that allows you to live a visual, olfactory and gustatory experience.”

After doing my apprenticeship in my hometown in France, I went to Maison Blanc in England to continue my training for a year as a Pastry Chef. I was able to put my skills into practice and perfect my techniques. The following six years were marked by strong experiences in very diverse environments. French Alps in winter, Ireland, Greece or the Netherlands in summer, my thirst for discoveries, especially culinary ones, was limitless! During this period, I discovered a real passion for Cuisine and Gastronomy.” It’ s then in Abu Dhabi where I discovered the sky behind only the limit by cooking on-board the Etihad aircraft for the Diamond First Class passengers. Also in Canada, where I took the kitchen leads of the Relais & Châteaux La Pinsonniere, I perfected my own signature dishes to apply them in my own restaurant ISO in Lisbon, Portugal where I run my restaurant since then.